Author Topic: Textured HSB Tag (NO SCRAPS)  (Read 1039 times)

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Textured HSB Tag (NO SCRAPS)
« on: April 08, 2012, 04:31:59 pm »

I've used PSP9 for this tutorial, however you should be able to create this tag in all versions. 
I am assuming you have some knowledge of how PSP and Animation Shop work, including applying masks.

Supplies needed:
3 tubes or close ups of choice.  I've used three tubes by  Ralph Macrey, available for purchase at
 Artistic Dreams Imaging
Please do not use the same tubes without the appropriate license.
Font of choice.  I've used Ink in the Meat
Mask of choice.  I've used Vix Big Mask 001 by Vix
Texture of choice.  I've used Vix Texture 7 by Vix

Eye Candy 4000 - HSB Noise
Eye Candy Impact - Gradient Glow (optional)

1.  Open a new canvas 600x600 pixels.  Flood fill white. 

2.  Paste each of your tubes onto your canvas.  Resize each of them, so the faces are similar in size. 
Arrange to your liking.  See my screenshot below:

3.  Hide your white background and merge visible.  Unhide your background.  Colourise
(Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colourise) your tube layer with the following settings:

4.  Open your texture and paste as a new layer above your tubes.  Change the blend mode to Screen (or one that suits your tubes and texture).

5.  Select your tube layer.  Selections - Select all - Float.  Selections - Select all - Defloat.  Highlight your texture layer. 
Selections - Invert.  Press Delete on your key board.  Selections - Select None. 

6.  Hide your background layer.  Merge visible.  Unhide your background layer.  Crop your tag to size.

7.  Apply mask of choice to your tube layer.  I set mine to 'Fit to Canvas', but you may need to change this, depending on where your tubes are placed.  Merge group.  You may like to duplicate your masked tube layer, depending on your mask and texture colours - I didn't in my example.

8.  Add your name in font of choice.  I also added a gradient glow and drop shadow.

9.  Add copyright and license number (if necessary).

10.  Duplicate your masked tube layer twice for a total of three layers.  Rename Tube 1, Tube 2 and Tube 3.

11.  On the Tube 1 layer, apply HSB Noise with the following settings:

12.  Apply HSB Noise to the Tube 2 and Tube 3 layers, hitting the random seed button.

13.  Close off the masked tube layers, leaving the Tube 1 layer open.  Copy merged and paste as new animation in Animation Shop.

14.  Close the Tube 1 layer and open the Tube 2 layer.  Copy merged and paste after the first frame.

15.  Close the Tube 2 layer and open the Tube 3 layer.  Copy merged and paste after the second frame.

16.  Select all frames and change the frame properties to 33.

17.  Optimise your animation and save as a gif.
And you're done :)

Here's a second example, created by Always, a member of The Zone Groups, using the art of Arthur Crowe

And a twist on the tutorial, created by Nostalgic Jennifer, also from The Zone, using the art of Anna Marine
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