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« on: August 26, 2012, 05:12:43 am »

I've created this in PSP9 and I would assume it can be created in all versions.
You'll also need some knowledge of working with layers and of Animation Shop.

Supplies needed:
A tube of choice. I'm using one by Barbara Jensen, available to purchase from her store.
Do not use the same tube without the appropriate license.
Scrap kit of choice.  I'm using a PTU kit, Timeless Elegance by CrazyCarita Scraps,
also available from Barbara's store.
Font of choice. I'm using Inspiration.
Animation of choice.  I'm using one by Simone at Scrappy Bit of Fun
I've used SimoneAni35_CitrusGlow for this tag.

Eye Candy Impact - Gradient Glow (optional)

1.  Open a new transparent image 600 x 250 pixels. 
Select a paper from your kit and paste as a new layer (I used pp9 from my kit)

2.  Add your tube and move it into position, resizing if necessary.
Apply a drop shadow of choice.

3.  Add any elements you like around your tag, resizing and adding drop shadows as necessary.
I've used el7, el13, el18, el2 and el27 in my tag.

4.  Add your name, copyright and license number (if necessary).
I've also made sure to credit the scrap kit maker.

5.  Add a new raster layer and move it to the top (if it's not already there).
Flood fill with black.
Selections - Select All.  Selections - Modify - Contract by 2.  Press delete on your keyboard.
Selections - Select None.

If you don't want to animate, save your tag as a jpeg here.  Otherwise, continue on.
6.  Hide all the layers on your tag that you want above the animation.
Edit - Copy Merged.
Go over to Animation Shop and paste as a new animation.

7.  While you're in Animation Shop, open up your animation of choice.
Have a look to see how many frames there are - mine had 27.
Go back to your tag, and duplicate the frame until you have the same number of frames as your animation.

8.  Highlight the first frame on your tag. 
Edit - Select All.

9.  Go back to your animation.  Highlight the first frame.
Edit - Select All.

I'm not sure how other people do this, but this is my method
10.  Make sure you can see the first frame on both your animation and tag.
With your animation active, hold down the left mouse button somewhere within your first frame.
Still with the mouse button held down, drag it across to your tag.
Once you are happy with the position of your animation, release the mouse button.
The whole animation should now have moved across onto your tag.

11.  View - Animation and check if you are happy with where the animation sits.
If not, you can go to Edit - Undo Drag.  You'll have to also go to Edit - Undo Drag on your animation,
then you can repeat the previous step.

12.  Return to Paint Shop.  Layers - View - Invert.
Now everything that you wanted above your animation should be showing.
Edit - Copy Merged.

13.  Return to Animation Shop.  Paste as a new animation.
Again, duplicate this new animation until you match the number of frames.
Repeat the drag process to move this onto your animated background.

14.  View your animation again and, if you're happy, save as a .gif.
And you're done :)

I'd love to see the results from any of my tutorials - just email me at

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