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Ladybug Name
« on: August 04, 2012, 06:05:00 am »

I've used PSP9 for this tutorial, however you should be able to create this tag in all versions. 

Supplies needed:
Scrap kit of choice.  I'm using Ladybug Garden by Tasha's Playground, available from The PSP Project
Please do not use the same kit, unless you have purchased it.
Bold Font of choice.  I've used Dunkin Sans.

Eye Candy Impact - Gradient Glow (optional)

1.  Open a new image 600x250 pixels. 

Please resize your kit elements as required.

2.  Type out your name using your bold font.  You want it fairly large, but not completely filling your canvas.

3.  Select an element from your kit to weave around your name.  I used 'flowers' from my kit.
Paste as a new layer above your name. 
Resize it if necessary and move it into position - I moved it so all the flowers were sitting on a letter.

There are two ways to make it weave - using the Freehand Selection Tool or the Eraser.  Use whichever you prefer.
I've used the Freehand Selection Tool and selected areas of my element to make it look like it was hidden behind my name.
You can see this in my screenshot below:

I then went ahead and did the same thing with an extra flower ('flower6' from my kit).

4.  Select another element from your kit to place behind your name - I used 'grass2'.
If you don't have an element like this, you can use a paper and apply a mask to it - I did this in my second example.

5.  Add any additional elements you like, either behind or in front of your name.
I simply added a little ladybug ('ladybug2' from my kit).

6.  Apply any dropshadows you like.
I used Eye Candy Impact - Gradient Glow to make my name stand out a bit better.

7.  Crop away any empty canvas.

8.  Add your copyright and license number (if required).
Save as a PNG, to retain the transparency.
And you're done :)

Here's another example I created using a FTU kit 'Magic Dream' by Fantasy Moments Scraps and More
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