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**AC** Angel Wings Forum Set
« on: February 19, 2012, 02:05:26 pm »

I've used PSP9 for this tutorial, however you should be able to create this tag in all versions.

Supplies needed:
A tube of choice.  I'm using one by Lorenzo Sperlonga which I purchased from CDO
Please do not use the same tube without the appropriate license.
Font of choice.  I've used AL Sandra.

Mura’s Meister – Copies
Filter Factory N – Bulging Edge Average
Andrew’s Filters 25 – A Right Dolly Mixture
AAA Frames – Foto Frame

1.  Open a new transparent image 600 x 250 pixels

2.  Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.

3.  Apply Mura Meister Copies with the following settings:

4.  Adjust – Blur – Radial Blur with the following settings:

5.  Effects – Edge Effects – Enhance.  Apply this once or twice, depending on your tube. 
I’ve applied mine twice – see screenshot below for how mine looks.

6.  Crop your tag to 600x250 pixels

7.  Apply Filter Factory N – Bulging Edge Average with the following settings:

8.  Apply Andrew’s Filters 25 – A Right Dolly Mixture with the following settings:
If these don't suit your tag, play with the colours until you get something suitable for your tube.

9.  Using your preset shapes tool, draw a thin rectangle across your canvas and convert it to a raster layer. 
I’ve used the Metal Steel gradient.  See screenshot below.

10.  Rotate to the left 45º and move it into position as below:

Duplicate this layer and mirror it, moving it into position, as seen below:

11.  Merge these two rectangle layers together.  Apply Muras Meister Copies with the following settings:
You may need to change the top number to suit your tag.

12.  Apply Muras Meister Copies with the following settings:

Change the blend mode of this layer to Luminance (Legacy), or one of your choice.

12.  Paste your tube as a new layer and move to the left of your canvas.  Add a drop shadow of choice (I actually didn’t use one for this set).

13.  Merge all layers visible.  Apply AAA Frames – Foto Frame with the following settings:

14.  Add your name in font of choice.  Add a drop shadow, if required.  Add your copyright and license number (if necessary).
And you’re done :)
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