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« on: June 12, 2012, 11:58:01 am »

I've used PSP9 for this tutorial, however you should be able to create this tag in all versions. 

Supplies needed:
A tube of choice.  Im using one by Industrial Aardvark, which is available for purchase from The PSP Project 
Please do not use without the appropriate license number.
Font of choice.  I've used Havlova-Austral.

Kang 1 - rumpleStilskin
Alienskin Xenofex 2 - Constellation

1.  Open a new transparent image 852 x 315 pixels

2.  Select 2 colours from your tube - a lighter one for your foreground and a darker one for your background. 
Click on your foreground and create a foreground-background gradient with an angle of 0 and repeats of 20.

3.  Flood fill your tag with this gradient.

4.  Adjust Blur Radial Blur with the following settings:

5.  Duplicate this layer and change the blend mode to either Burn or Multiply, whichever suits your tag better. 
The aim here is to make the Radial Blur stand out a bit more.
Merge visible

6.  Duplicate your merged layer and apply Kang 1 - rumpleStilskin with the following settings:

Change the blend mode to Screen or Soft Light, whichever suits best.

7.  On your rumpleStilskin layer, apply Alienskin Xenofex 2 - Constellation with the following settings:

8.  Add your tube, move it into position and add a drop shadow of choice.

9.  Add a new raster layer.  Flood fill with a colour of choice.
Selections - Select All.  Selections - Modify - Contract by 4.  Press delete on your keyboard.
Selections - Select None.

10.  Add your name in a font of your choice.  I also added a drop shadow.

11.  Add the copyright and any license numbers necessary.  Remember that your Facebook avatar overlaps the cover slightly, so make sure to place the copyright information at the top or right of the canvas.
Note: As per the new Facebook rules and the modification of TOU by The PSP Project, I have only placed the artist and my license number onto the Timeline Cover.  Please check the TOU of the company or artist you are using regarding this.
And you're done :)

Here's a second example, using the art of KiwiFireStorm, also available from The PSP Project.
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I'd love to see the results from any of my tutorials - just email me at

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